Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Too much fun!

OK so the title really isn't true. We have not been having that much fun. AAron is back in school and has two classes a week at night. These classes will allow him to get his degree from Butte (finally) and then take some other classes at Butte that will transfer to Chico State for his major there! Yeah! He also had surgery on his wrist for tendinitis last month.
I received wonderful baby showers at work and church/friends. Hope to post pictures of that soon. We are pretty well set for this baby to come. I can not wait to be able to sleep without heartburn/acid reflux every night.
I also came down with something that was going around work last week and spent 3 days at home and 3 hours at prompt care that was a total wast of time and money since they did not diagnose me with anything just it wasn't strep or the flu. I can tell you that coughing while you are 37-38 weeks pregnant is not fun and the baby hates it. My stomach is so sore from coughing, but I think I am almost over it. (It's been a week and a half!) I even shared it with AAron and was jealous that he could take good drugs to get rid of it and all I could take was Tylenol and cough drops!
I have 12 days until the baby's due date. I'm still at work and will be until next week sometime unless this baby decides to come this week (hopefully not!) My next appointment is Thursday and the Doctor will see if anything is happening down there!
It's raining here today, and since I have been pregnant all through the nice weather I have one pair of pants! and one pair of shoes that I can wear in this type of weather. I told work that I'll have to stop coming in since I won't have anything to wear soon. The baby has dropped and is head down, so so far so good. It just means that now my belly is lower and my shirts are shorter!
Well, I guess that is enough complaining for one night. I need to go clean up all the clothes that I threw around the room this morning trying to find something to wear to work.