Saturday, August 6, 2011

Shasta Lake Camping Trip (10 Days)

Almost every year we go camping at Shasta Lake with AAron's family. This year we went for 10 days! Work? Well it was horrible this past week when we got back, but 10 days of vacation was so worth it!

We did so much and so little all at the same time. We ate like kings, ribs, tri-tip, steaks, chicken, foil dinners, spaghetti, Big 'ol mess, taco soup, pork roast, 10 pounds of bacon, french toast, pancakes, breakfast burritos, hash browns... well you get the idea!

We stayed at Antlers Campground and were treated like VIP's since Robert does some work there in the off season. So we had a camp tent site and an RV site with a trailer on it that AAron's parents and us shared, so no sleeping on the ground this year!

We swam in the lake, we swam in the pool, we took naps, Marshall got tossed, Marshall watched movies in the camper, we talked, laughed, and just hung out. Oh yeah, AAron also found 84 caches.

Here is Christopher and Mary, we hope that she will be part of the family sometime soon!

Grandma and Marshall riding the Waverunner.

AAron Jumping off the train bridge into the Lake.

I have to thank Sayde (AAron's sister) for all of these pictures!